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29.06.2007, 15:52
Well, I thought I understood what DTPro was until I paid my money (a couple hours ago) and tried to do what I had bought it for.

I want to emulate a CDR device/disc so that I can use something like, say, iTunes to burn directly to an ISO image on my HD. Can DTPro do this? I've tried reading for about 2 hours now and I've come to the conclusion that my goal and what most people use DTPro for are two very different things and that perhaps what I want to do is simply not supported.


Thomas Dorris

29.06.2007, 19:19
iTunes to burn directly to an ISO image? sorry but that makes no sense.. I use iTunes, what are you trying to do exactly?

29.06.2007, 20:06
I believe he wants to use the feature in iTunes to burn the music to a CD, but he wants to use a virtual CD-RW drive to make it an ISO image on the HDD instead. However, Daemon Tools Pro does not do this, nor has it ever advertised that it would. Search Google for Virtual CD-RW for some related links that may help you.

29.06.2007, 21:15
sorry but that makes no sense..
Sure it does. You just happen to have no immediate use for it.

However, Daemon Tools Pro does not do this, nor has it ever advertised that it would.
Well, as others have posted before on this forum, it's a little hard to tell sometimes exactly what Daemon Tools Pro does if you don't already have some vague idea going into it. Your suggestion to search for Virtual CD-RW is a good one. Once I realized that's what I should be searching for this morning, I eventually solved my problem.
Oh well. Thanks anyway.
Thomas Dorris

02.07.2007, 08:30
"Virtual CD-RW" was just the function I already asked years ago to be supported by Daemon Tools one day... and I was called "insane" for wanting such a function when I asked. I am so happy to see that I am not the only "insane" out there. ;)

If Daemon Tools Pro supports it, I will surely buy it.

12.12.2007, 15:24
I think I saw that post when I was looking for exactly this feature!

Allegedly Noteburner (noteburner.com) could handle what I would want this feature for. Which is using iTunes to burn to an image so I don't have to burn it to a CD and rip it back into iTunes.

I don't intend to do anything illegal with a feature like this, rather I want to be able to take my iStore purchases to a different player if I choose or use it in another application like making movies.

It would be so much faster, cheaper, and environmentally friendly to just have that virtual cd-rw function.