View Full Version : Command-line options in DT Pro?

30.06.2007, 19:10
I have been looking around the online help files for DT Pro and I dont see any info on this, so I am asking, Is there an option to mount images via command-line like standard DT has? Or has that option been removed in the pro release?

Also, now that DT Pro has been released, does this mean that development on the origional DT will slow down or be discontinued?

01.07.2007, 03:48
Here's a "me too" post. Please, please, please restore the commandline mount/unmount feature. I use this method almost exclusively and is the only reason I still have 4.09 installed.

01.07.2007, 18:42
agreed. I am creating my own type of "game launcher" and it is heavily dependent on the command-line options of daemon tools.

Yes, we all can stick with 4.09, but it would be nice to be able to utilize the advanced features of the pro version via command line switches

07.11.2007, 11:43
I agree with all the guys above.
Please put back the command line option.
I am also not upgrading to the Pro Version, just because it does not come with command line.

10.11.2007, 19:14
No answer from the programmers? That's extremely disappointing!

I've to downgrade because of this missing feature although I paid for the pro version.

10.11.2007, 20:31
Where is your customer tag then?

10.11.2007, 21:58
Do only get verified customers answers?

Send me a private message, if you're interested in my dates. But don't forget to add the command line list please. Thanks.

26.11.2007, 17:46
Where is your customer tag then?
Right here.
How does 10 copies strike you?
I have been politely requesting this or an update to Daemonscript since release.

26.11.2007, 18:46
10 copies, and you have your customer tag... so you'll probably get a better response...the customer tag gets you access to other customer only portions of the forum as well...