View Full Version : Windows Vista keeps asking to restart.

30.06.2007, 21:05
I am trying to install Daemon Tools on my new Windows Vista System. I follow the steps.... it says you must restart before installation can complete, so I restart. Once it is all loaded up again, it walks me thru the same steps and asks to restart again, so on and so on.

I have multiple users on my computer. So everytime it loads up I must select one, maybe this is what is causing the conflict? I'm not sure how to bypass this?

I am sure there is a simple fix and was hoping someone could help me out. Please!


30.06.2007, 21:35
Checked related thread in common problems and solutions forum yet?

30.06.2007, 22:59
I thried looking thru some of the forums, maybe I am just "dumb", but I wasn't able to post relating to my problem...

Thxs for tour help!

01.07.2007, 00:05
Alls good, got it figured out! Thanks!

Fe ®
03.08.2007, 03:05
Alls good, got it figured out! Thanks!
Could you explain how? I'm having the same problem and can't quite figure it out.

03.08.2007, 15:31
Install SPTD 1.50