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06.12.2003, 19:34
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
Burning Software: CloneCD
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

OK, I have read most of the help file, and I am still a little confused on how to use this software.
I am looking to create a working copy of some of my games. I want to make a copy, and have the copy act just like the original, so I dont want to use patched .exe files, or have something running in the background while the game is running. Is this possible to do with this software?
So, it says I have to make a 1:1 copy, which I can successfully do with CloneCD. But what do I do with the ccd. file then? I dont see any options. Then there is this "mounting" stuff. Um, what is that, and do I need to do that?
Do I need to use a virtual drive, and run the game from there. I really dont want to store the whole cd on my hard drive.
Then there is this "fast dump" method. Is this method only used in specific instinces (speeding up safedisk) or do you use this as the usual method to create copy's.
Please help!

10.12.2003, 12:56
Mounting means 'to insert your image (eg. CCD) into virtual drive'.
Same as you insert real CD into CDROM driver.
You image is just representation of physical CD.