View Full Version : Using PDI files

06.12.2003, 21:43
Operating System: XPsp1
Burning Software: Pinacle Instant Copy, Nero
Anti-virus Software: Viruscan 7.01
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

It says in the new message that v3.41 will now support pdi files
However when I try to mount a pdi (DVD-Image) created with Instant Copy I get a message that the file is invalid.

Is this because Instant Copy splits the file in 1Gb chunks ?
Or is my image corrupt


06.12.2003, 22:07
Yes, unfortunately the images are broken due to bug in InstantCopy/DVD.
You can try this workaround (http://forum.alcohol-software.com/index.php?act=ST&f=1&t=5584&) meanwhile.

07.12.2003, 21:30
Works great creating an MDS with DVD Decrypter.
Even better than the virtual drive included in InstantCopy 8 (which had problems reading the image as well!)

I'm unsure wether to support Pinnacle any longer.
Their software seems full of bugs.


07.12.2003, 21:39
(...) (which had problems reading the image as well!)
For sure, 'cause they can't use any workarounds for virtual drives, so they have to follow their specs 100%, but as they violate them due to bugs, it doesn't work :roll: