View Full Version : Initialzation error 0? Kernel Debugger?

04.07.2007, 04:18
Daemon tools has been working great for the last few months for me. I boot up my pc this morning and i keep getting an "initialization error 0. This program requires at least windows 2000 with SPTD 1.43 or higher. Kernel Debugger must be deactivated". Im running windows XP home and i just used Daemon tools yesterday. Whats kernel debugger and how do i deactivate it?

05.07.2007, 18:45
Try updating your SPTD to v1.50.


18.08.2007, 18:45
I have the same problem.

However, I first had the "reboot" issue, always being prompted to reboot my computer over and over again to install DT. So I removed SPTD from the registry and installed DT in SAFE MODE after first installing SPDT separately (all in SAFE MODE). Afterwards I restarted in normal mode.

I have Windows XP MCE SP2.

After restarting, I had no problems first. However, after the second restart, I got the error message" Initialization error 0" as above.

I restored the system to a previous state. There is just no way to run DT on my system!:mad: