View Full Version : can't install DT on vista 32bit

05.07.2007, 01:03
I have posted this before but I seem not to be getting a response I have downloaded the latest version of DT from your site and tried to install the .exe and got the normal UAC asking me permissions said ok and agreed to the license then it confirms the location to install then it looks like its going to install then it fails giving me this message "Internal Setup Error, Contact Support"

I have nothing running except the norm MSN messenger Skype and AV I had no opened programs on install
I have also tried installing in safe mode and also turned off any Firewall and Anti-virus software but still i get this errorr when I try to install "Internal Setup Error, Contact Support"

i thought maybe i D/loaded the wrong version so d/loaded again and tried but still get the same issues..
any ideas what could it be....

any help greatly appreciated


05.07.2007, 10:34
I think this is written before and i think there is another thread about this.Anyway, download the newest SPTD version 1.50 install it and then try again.

05.07.2007, 14:12
where is that i have looked in the downloads and cant seem to find it


05.07.2007, 19:42

06.07.2007, 15:29
Or http://www.disc-tools.com/download/sptd