View Full Version : What file?

06.07.2007, 00:36

im new to this, i have no idea which file im supposed to select when you choose mount image

help? anyone?

06.07.2007, 11:08
Just the file you created from your original game/programm disc.....

07.07.2007, 01:09
sorry, im still unsure what you mean :confused:

07.07.2007, 18:57

What Version of DT do you use? And what do you want to do with DT?

08.07.2007, 01:20

and ive been told i can use DT to create copies so i dont have to have a disc when i game

if it helps, im trying with HP and order of the phoenix, and oblivion the elder scrolls iv

08.07.2007, 06:49

with DT 4.09HE you can only use local copies, so called images of your games. First you need to create the image file with a different program.
You can create those images with the freeware version of Alcohol 52%: Look at www.alcohol-software.com for this.

Once you have created the image ile of the CD you can moun tit with DT and start playing. Maybe you should ask the people whou have told you to use DT for help on this. This will speed up things for you.