View Full Version : sptd wont install under vista ultimate 32 bit

06.07.2007, 21:13
i tried to install demon tools with sptd 1.43. after rebooting, sptd wants to install itself again.
same happens with 1.50 standalone. after restart it doesnt find itself installed.
i dont know what to do. any suggestions?

17.02.2008, 11:32
I have the same problem, Home premium worked fine.

(dont know if it helps but i upgraded from HP (with DT installed) to Ultimate.

17.02.2008, 14:25
OS Upgrade screws SPTD registry, thus you must manually delete SPTD key in registry (see thread about problems with SPTD in common problems and solutions forum, ensure you reboot after disabling, and also after removal/before re-installation!)