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08.12.2003, 08:00
Ok, I know there are alot of posts here, but I'll get straight to the point.

It's kind of confusing about the SecuRom terminology;

As posted by olivier (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=1679):

Use Alcohol120% and DAEMON or Alcohol Fastdump method :

-1- Select in Alcohol or Daemon safedisc emulation
-2- Launch ORIGINAL game
-3- Exit
-4- Create the image from ALCOHOL
-5- Burn it with ALCOHOL

-6- Use later if needed with the backup (poor CD writer case) again DAEMON safedisc emulation

-7- should also work with BLINDWRITE
-8- might not work with CLONECD (except last version)



Does this apply to every SecuRom protection based game (like Rise of Nations, etc.)? And how do I identify a SecuRom version? (I somewhat faintly remember there is a software called ClonyXL, but does it do Securom identification?)

Also, on the game database, it said that Neverwinter nights no longer uses securom (the latest edition)
but uses a cd-check. Will a 1:1 cd copy be still effective, or are there special ways of coping with that?

3rd, do you need to actually run the program because then Alcohol or a similar program needs to identify the Securom data (or whatever etc...)?

PS: There doesn't seem to be a lot of documentation around about SecuRom 5. Is it the same as 4.8x, or different? Could someone explain or link? And Alcohol 120%'s Image Making Wizard doesn't seem to have Securom 5 in its dropdown menu...

Thanks, (and sorry about the newbie-ish-ness; very new to this)

08.12.2003, 08:51
That's not SecuROM, it's the fast dump method for SafeDisc (look at #6)!

08.12.2003, 21:14
YES :mrgreen: