View Full Version : Burning CD+G Bin Files with a non compatible burner?

08.12.2003, 22:05
I don't know if you can help but some general web searches led me to daemon tools. I have a lot of cd+g files I have converted to bin files. I would love to burn them to cd and tried with cdrwin but my burner is not compatible. I heard through the grapevine that there is a way to burn bin files to play on cd+g karaoke players even if you don't have a compatible burner. That grapevine rumour led me here. Can I do this with daemon tools software?

I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, but I had to ask. If I can do it with my LG burner that would be a lot easier than having to go purchase a new burner.

Thank you for your patience.

Chiapet :) :?:

08.12.2003, 22:16
No, Daemon Tools won't be able to remove any limitations of your writer. How should that work?

11.12.2003, 18:01
Maybe he means it is not compatible with CDRWIN.
In this case it is needed to dump from virtual drive to some other format and burn with other program that knows your writer.

11.12.2003, 19:08
Alcohol 120% should be able to burn bin/cue files.

Check this (http://www.alcohol-software.com) site :)

14.12.2003, 14:23
time you bought a Plextor....

you know you want one... they are really nice burners :)

14.12.2003, 14:25
did I make that clear ??

Plextor's support CD+G ;)