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09.07.2007, 13:25
i get this mesage when i try to install new demon tools v4
it comes when i push i agree in license agreements
(Internal setup error. Contact support)
I hawe windows xp pro version 2002 with latest upgrades from windows uppdates.
my computer has an
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3800+ 2,40 GHz, 2gb RAM

I need help !

09.07.2007, 14:34
I'm tired of these questions. Install SPTD 1.50 (duplexsecure.com), reboot, start dt setup.

12.07.2007, 16:16
"I'm tired of these questions. "
1- don't answer, or:
2- answer patiently and politely with simply a link to the main thread where good explanations are provided...
3- if you are a moderator, move the post/thread to the right thread

12.07.2007, 19:26
1. Look at the forum for another thread with same problem,
2. use search function,
3. if above fail, start a new thread
-> so by 1. you could've find this thread ;):

13.07.2007, 00:06
I'm tired of these questions. Install SPTD 1.50 (duplexsecure.com), reboot, start dt setup.

Install SPTD 1.50 (www.duplexsecure.com) first and after restart try to run DT installer again.

How is it obvious that one needs to install SPTD 1.50 when the description for the installer is:

"DAEMON Tools v4.09.1 X86 32 Bits (with SPTD 1.43)"

Makes it seem like the user doesn't need to download any additional software.

Thanks for the tip, nonetheless.

20.07.2007, 07:03
This question is in more than one place. The moderators should place them all in one. And provide all possible solutions. I've yet to find one.

B4 I say anything I would like to say that my hard drive was just formatted with almost nothing on it. Powerpoint, Word, Photoshop, Active virus shield, Sygate firewall, Spygate, Roboform, uTorrent, dvix codec and a couple of other things on an AMD Athlon64 PC with Windows XP home SP2.
After getting the above error. I rebooted. And installed SPTD 1.5 (there was no 1.43). I got a window saying that spdt was already installed. but 'renewed' it anyway. I rebooted and got the same error. re downlaoded the daemon file and the same thing happened.

So moderators can you please offer a list of solutions somewhere for all to see? Thank you.

BTW the error message did say to contact support but how is someone supposed to do so?