View Full Version : Problems strting daemon

Black Knight RX7 FC3S
06.12.2002, 22:30
Ok now I just downloaded the new version of daemon 3.26 installed it on Windows XP and restared the pc, then when I try to start Daemon it doesnt appear in the Taskbar. Can sumbody help me wit this.

07.12.2002, 07:35
Don't you see new icon in tray and no error messages?

Black Knight RX7 FC3S
07.12.2002, 17:26
there is no error message or nothing. It just doesnt appear in the tray

07.12.2002, 18:09
hmm... in My Computer, do you have a new CD-Drive created by Daemon-Tools?

07.12.2002, 22:47
what happens when you goto try and run C:\program files\d-tools\daemon.exe? (You might need to change the path to yours though)

Black Knight RX7 FC3S
07.12.2002, 23:06
It did create a new drive, and I did go to the main folder and try it from there but it still doesnt show in the tray.

Black Knight RX7 FC3S
07.12.2002, 23:12
OOOKKKKKaaayyy. I just figured it out, I think anyway. I change the Compatibility mode for the programs to Windows 2000 so now it works just fine, thank to the ppl who helped.