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11.07.2007, 22:17
Please give me an help :
I've recently downloaded Daemon Tools in which was a file named
" DaemonTools_WhenUSave_Installer.exe ".
I innocently clicked on this file... and a virus was installed, as BITDEFENDER says.
I uninstalled Daemon Tools but BITDEFENDER still detects that virus
and fails while trying to delete it.
So now my computer is still infected, I don't know what to do...
Thank you for help

12.07.2007, 11:14
Can you give the name of the 'virus' ?

12.07.2007, 16:23
Assuming BitDefender was simply picking up WhenU, it wasn't a virus. WhenU is an optional adware component in DTools. If it's not WhenU that BitDefender is picking up, then either you downloaded an infected copy from another site, or there's something else that loaded a virus on your computer.

28.07.2007, 16:58
Considering this thread (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/antivir-virus-found-daemon-tools-t17684.html)
to virus alarm about "dtprohlp.dll"
seems to be false positive.

It is only an encryption
which is used.

28.07.2007, 19:26
He's not talking about DT Pro, he's using standard DT.

28.07.2007, 21:41
I must apologize for my

So let's wait till teletu
will reveal the virus' name.

29.07.2007, 16:49
the last activity of the guy was on the 11 07 2007 @ 2318...
He never came back.

29.07.2007, 22:58
Hm, I also wanted to know
what is the real reason for
this warnings.

I also wanted to know
what these (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showpost.php?p=88925&postcount=21) strings
are for.