View Full Version : Crash after installation...

09.12.2003, 16:47
Operating System: Windows Xp Home
Burning Software: Daemon Tools, Nero 6.0
Anti-virus Software: nothing
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33


I always used Daemon tools befor but now I have some problem with it...
When I'd installed Daemon and restarted my computer I could get back into windows, my comp just showed some kind of blue screen and then it restarted.
Then I can choose to 'Set settings to the last that worked' and when I do this my comp works again, but without daemon...
I've tested with bouth Daemon 3.33 and 3.41 but I teh same thing happens with them bouth..

Can you help me?

09.12.2003, 16:53
Do you have minidump (in windows\minidump folder) we can check?

10.12.2003, 10:43
no, I dont even have that folder..