View Full Version : Problem with Mini-Images

13.07.2007, 16:21
Hi, i have a problem with deamon tools on my new pc (on the old one i had they worked fine). I can mount full images without problems (it takes a little bit longer though, got to wait 3-5 seconds; i know from an other pc that images are usually mounted instantly), but can't mount mini-images anymore.
When i try, the whole PC hangs for 2-3 minutes. After that everything seem ok until i try to access the mini-image again, in that case the PC hangs again. Games that need the image won't run either, after 10 minutes of trying i get the "could not authenticate..." message.
I tried to deinstall DT and install an older version insted, but that didnt help. I think that its not only a DT-Tools problem anyway, because i have the same issue with alcohol120.
My PC ist a AMD X2 5000+, a Gigabyte GA-M55-S nforce550 Chipset, i got a HD on PATA/Master and a DVD-Player on PATA/Slave. The OS (XP, SP2, Hotfixes up to August 06) is exactly the same as on my old PC. Deamon Tools 4.09 are installed.

13.07.2007, 23:46
Ok, i got it fixed already. i just had to reinstall the SPTD-drivers, now everythings fine. thanks anyhow!