View Full Version : Images won't mount, going crazy

14.07.2007, 11:19
Hello all,

I am running Windows XP SP2 with the newest 32-bit version of Daemon Tools installed, as well as SPTD 1.50.

The problem started to occurr a couple of versions ago (both DT and SPTD).

Basically when I uninstall and re-install DT, I can mount images fine. But as soon as I do a reboot, DT refuses to mount anything!

When I try to mount an image, it says "Please wait" for one millisecond. However the virtual drive shows up empty.

I am at my wits end here. Can anyone think of why this happens?

15.07.2007, 12:19
80 views and no replies? Come on, somebody has to know what is causing this.:rolleyes:

16.07.2007, 11:46
No, noone knows what may cause it - noone knows what specs of your PC are, what programs you have, what hardware configuration you have, what images you mount, how you made them etc.

Sorry, such posts usually have no sense to us.