View Full Version : Can't install Vista because of Daemon Tools

14.07.2007, 16:53
Hi all,

I am trying to install Vista Home Premium, but the setup program tells me that I have to remove Daemon Tools before it will install. The problem is that I don't have Daemon Tools installed anymore at all.... I have tried to install the latest version of Daemon Tools just to use the uninstaller to get rid of it afterwards, but it doesn't help at all. I have cleaned the registry and removed the PnP BIOS Extension. How do I get rid of Daemon Tools so I can install my Vista..?


14.07.2007, 19:16
If i understand, you want to install vista from older version of windows (xp or whatever)? Actually you want to upgrade, right?
Don't do that.If you want to install vista for your own peace of mind do the fresh install.Boot from vista install dvd, format the disc where you have installed xp (i assume that you are on xp) and you will have no trouble.

14.07.2007, 20:37
why not do a clean install of Vista it save a whole load of problems.

14.07.2007, 21:35
Seems like I have to do that if there aint any other options...