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16.07.2007, 13:25
so 2 days ago, i was running DT 4.08, no probs on my pc. i had Medieval 2 total war imaged and it mounted and played properly. I used yasu in the creation of this image when i got the game several weeks ago, in combination with BlindWrite 6.
however, yesterday i upgraded my pc, formated the entire thing, and replaced windows XP Home edition, with windows XP pro edition, because i couldnt find the home ed disk which is prolly gone forever.
so yesterday i installed all my stuff on the pc, including the latest version of DT- 4.09, loaded up yasu, blindwrite 6.0 and imaged my medieval 2 totalwar again cuz it was more expediant than backing up the original image which was wiped in the format, so it finishes, i remove the disk, pack it away safely away from harm, play the game a bit, and goto bed.
however i got up this morning, and remounted med2 total war image, the AutoPlay menu popped up, i click on play game button and it says i need to Insert the correct dvdrom and click ok then restart the application.
so i say whatever and reimage it, take out dvd and pack away safely once more, and play the game via image for about half an hour then went about my daily crap.
about 10 hours later i get back on the computer (about now) and i remount the image, and once again it says i need to insert the correct dvd.

so i uninstall DT 4.09, find my installer for 4.08, install that, mount image and try to load the game, but once again the little grey box with a yellow title pops up and tells me to insert the right dvd even tho the autoplay pops up.

can anyone help? its like once i shut down the pc the image gets corrupted or something even tho the autoplay still works?
this is pretty frustrating cuz its not doing this to my other games i have imaged

19.07.2007, 12:46
no one can help?