View Full Version : dtpro.exe - bad image - DTPROHLP.DLL

18.07.2007, 09:57
Can't start deamon tools pro, tried 3 diffrent machines, fresh install, no results, downloaded deamon tools again. no results.
anyone ?

18.07.2007, 15:44
Wouldn't it then be missing..?
If you ask me this message sounds more like he/she uses a defect license-file for DT Pro installation... If it is a defect license file, normally a re-download through the browser could work...

19.07.2007, 03:13
C:\program files\Daemon Tools Pro\DTPROHLP.DLL is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.
Admin account
Windows Vista Home Premium
AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Cor Proc 4400+
Installed DTPro4100215 - Reinstalled no good.
My sptd is already at 1.5 - reinstalled to be on safe side.


21.07.2007, 12:35
Same thing happened to me yesterday, but managed to get the free one working when I installed that one. Took the lot off the 'puter now and like you waiting for someone to enlighten me.

21.07.2007, 13:10
Just fixed it by getting another copy of my license and repeating the install process.:)

22.07.2007, 18:21
I had exactly the same problem, and solved it the same way. The licence key needs to be downloaded (and not just copied and pasted) into the same folder as the installer file. It's now all working fine.:)