View Full Version : Resident Evil 4 and Spiderman 3 Problems with latest YASU and D-Tools

21.07.2007, 23:06
Well I bought Resident Evil 4 and Spiderman 3 for my PC about a while ago. I have been meaning to post these problems a while ago but haven't got around to it until now.

Well Resident Evil 4 (PC) works fine and starts fine from an image after attempting to start it 3 - 5 times using Latest Daemon Tools and Yasu.

The game will wield an "Emulator Detected" error, but the game will finally start ok after playing around with it and attempting to start the game 3 - 5 times.

The Image is fine though as the game will start after playing with it a few times. The image was made in Alcohol 52% Last version before the one released recently.

I believe Resident Evil 4 (PC) USA Version is protected by one of the latest versions of Securom.

Spiderman 3, well thats a different story. The game absolutely refuses to install, especially in Vista and errors out during install if either Daemon-Tools, Alcohol, Their Virtual Drives, and Yasu are running and enabled regardless if cloaking is enabled in Yasu.

If any of these software are running and enabled Spiderman 3 errors out and refuses to install at the beginning of installation even if installing from the original disc.

I'm not quite sure if this is Daemon Tools/Alcohols Problem, Yasu's or both but I do know after disabling these Spiderman 3 will install successfully with no problem in Windows Vista.

I plan on supporting Daemon-Tools in a while, I just haven't got the money to do so as of yet plus I'd have to have my mother use her card since I don't have a credit card or a bank account right now.

I really do want to support Daemon-Tools:D