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25.07.2007, 13:08
I recently upgraded my previous daemon tools (v4.08 i think) to the latest, 4.09. I use Vista. i mounted an image and started playing. At the end of the day i turned of my computer. The next day i turn it on and about to start playing the game again, when suddenly i get a message saying please insert disc. In previous versions i used before this latest one, DT always used to have the image stay mounted, even on a reboot. Now when i check in My Computer, i see the drive and it says the space as usual (eg. 0 bytes free 4.7GB) but when i double click the drive, instead of running the autostart feature, an error appears saying something like 'this application cannot be found'(not quite sure, ill have to check on next reboot). so i load up DT(i dont have it on autostart) then check back to MY Computer, and the image is back again, with its proper icon and proper autoplay. I am wondering why this happens with this version and not the previous versions. In previous versions it always appeared mounted in My Computer and i didnt have to load DT everytime to make the image work properly. i preferred having the image stay mounted after a reboot, without the need to run DT or have it autostart(takes up memory). is this a bug in the new version? or is there a way to fix this

25.07.2007, 14:25
To avoid certain problems (e.g. lockups) newer Daemon Tools requires exe to run at least once after logon to automount images. And you don't have to worry about memory usage - we don't have the time of 48kb main memory anymore.

26.07.2007, 07:21
oh. so its not a bug then. i preferred it the old way (maybe a suggestion for the next version).

26.07.2007, 12:56
Well, due to system hangs being more inconvenient, there is actually a low likelyhood we'd change it back.

28.07.2007, 01:55
alright. i can live with it

28.07.2007, 01:59
just a quick question about the autostart feature, if i tick autostart and untick tray icon, does DT start up on windows startup then close immediately after, because i cant see it in the task manager?

28.07.2007, 14:11
The autostart feature enables
the copy protection emulations
again after booting.

29.07.2007, 01:04
what i really needed to know was whether the DT exe loads then closes straight away(in other words, how the autostart feature actually works). I prefer this, because i hate having programs i'm not using sitting in the memory.

29.07.2007, 22:40
You could look for daemon.exe
in Process Explorer (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/ProcessesAndThreads/ProcessExplorer.mspx) (download link at the bottom)