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26.07.2007, 16:24
My brother's computer is doomed. I tried to install SoftDisc in it, and Daemon Tools came together. I intalled everything, and when it asked if I wanted to install an unknown controller, I said yes. Worse mistake ever. The installation crashed, and the blue screen of death came. I was terrified, but thought it would be ok, as soon as the computer had rebooted. But I couldn't be more wrong. As soon as the computer finishes rebooting, it tries to install the controller again! And there comes the blue screen! And so on... There's no button to stop the installation, and starting the computer in any other mode (safe mode, etc.) only makes the blue screen come sooner. I have no ideia what's wrong or how am I supposed to fix it, and if the computer isn't working when my brother get's back from work (six hours from now), I'll be thrown out of the window. The computer is new and has Windows Vista. If more details are needed I can give them. I need help, please save me...

27.07.2007, 01:22
What specific version of DTools did you try to install?

27.07.2007, 02:47
I'm not sure, but it's the version that comes with softdisc from download.com. I think it's the version 4.0, but I'm not sure. I know a couple new things now, but still couldn't solve the problem. The error is the 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x82890762, 0x99099A68, 0x99099764), when trying to load in safe mode, the BSOD comes after the crcdisk.sys, but changing it's name to crcdisk.bak with Windows Vista installation DVD just makes it crash with atipcie.sys... Trying to "Load last known good configuration" doesn't work because Windows actually logs in, so it loads a configuration that already has the problem. Trying to use restore points with the DVD also won't work because somehow there are no restore points. The only thing I haven't tried yet is to read dump files, but I'm too tired now and I'm starting to think that also won't work. I'm running out of solutions and pacience... Anyone knows a pretty way to solve this?

27.07.2007, 11:33
Oh, nice, it seems like my brother solved the problem during the night. Now I don't know how he did it, but as soon as he arrives, I'll tell you here.

29.07.2007, 16:29
Ok, what he did was simply to open the computer (luckily, a desktop), and unplug the CD drive. Then, he turned the computer on and it was working. Then he plugged the drive back into the computer, and it was working! Easy to do, but hard to figure... Thanks for the help anyway.