View Full Version : Daemon tools doesnґt work

27.07.2007, 03:11
Hi, well my problem is that when i try to mount an image, the select new image file window freezes when i select a file and even when i go to a folder, i canґt mount any kind of image.:confused:

I have daemon tools 4.09HE and stpd 1.5, both are the latest versions and i have windows xp. I really need help here. Thanks.

27.07.2007, 14:27
Do you use intel RAID?

27.07.2007, 22:33
Thanks for your answer, i dont have intel raid, but my problem is kind of solved because i downloaded a trial version of daemon t. pro and it works perfect, maybe it fix some bugs i dont know, but i want to solve the problem for the free version, any help?.