View Full Version : Windows XP: Normal User can't use protected CD-Image

12.12.2003, 18:58
Operating System: Windows XP Prof.
Burning Software: -
Anti-virus Software: -
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

I have used the Daemontools on Windows 98 and works fine, but now I have Windows XP and try to use an image (protected with Securom) as normal user without admin rights. CD is mounted correctly and seems OK, but the CD Check from the game failed: "Wrong CD inserted".
When I start the game as user with admin rights, everything works! The image is still OK!

Is it not possible to use the DT under XP as normal user?
Any tricks and hints?

BTW: The software is "Addy Buschu", nice software for childs.


12.12.2003, 19:07
Does the original work under normal user?

13.12.2003, 10:24
Securom cannot operate under normal user. Adress this problem to Securom authors. At least is was so when i debugged Diablo2.
Maybe they fixed it in latest versions of protection, no idea - i did not check.

13.12.2003, 10:40
original CD also not work under normal user! (sorry, not tested, shurly it works, but ...)

Really bad!

Thanks for help,

13.12.2003, 14:43
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Burning Software: Alcohol 120%
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

There's a little program on the Securom site called Useraccess Manager. It works great for older Securom Games like Diablo 2.
You can find it here: