View Full Version : Can't launch DT pro main window

31.07.2007, 22:33
I can use the tray icon all right but if I launch the main window, I just see a blank spot and dtpro stops responding.

To make matters worse, I am unable to terminate it's process. AT ALL. New processes are unable to be opened and most of the older ones can't be closed, infact my PC can't shut down at all if I try to open the main window because stuff just won't close!

It's the second time I've been through this. I've solved it before by doing a complete unninstal of daemon tools (only works if I fully delete all folders). Any help?

04.08.2007, 14:14
I'm not really sure I'll purchase the non-free DT pro if I keep having problems like these... Maybe I'm better of spending the money on something I don't have to reinstall and re-register every couple of weeks :p

This isn't supposed to be a threat btw (really, it's NOT) I'm just saying this is kind of a product breaker for me...