View Full Version : Memory Failure

02.08.2007, 09:32
I mounted a .mdf/.mds drive w/ Daemon tools, and when I ran the setup that was on the virtual drive, a command prompt popped up that said "program is too big to store in memory," is this a Daemon tools compatibility issue or what? This system has plenty of HDD space and a gig of RAM which should be plenty, any ideas?

02.08.2007, 11:41
Does that happends if you use the original?

02.08.2007, 11:45
The disc has taken a pretty good beating, and barely works (usually takes several tries for it to read it), so I made a backup image. Never had this problem before, so yes the original works fine, at least it never had that error before.

02.08.2007, 12:47
sounds like you are trying to run a file from a mini image
which will be all zeroes probably, does the setup exe have an icon? (im guessing it doesnt...)...

mini/maxi images are USELESS to install from, they are only useful to pass the cd/dvd check (due to the fact they only contain the protection signature data.. the files in the image are all wiped to zeroes, so their content simply does not exist..)