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02.08.2007, 12:01

I love DT program i use it and i can't live without it.
I'm testing the DT Pro Adware version to figure out what's new, i found cool stuff so i've tested all features.

Unfortunately, i've located many Freeze unattended in theses circumstances :

- IF the DT PRO Agent is loaded, then the PC freeze randomly without to say any BSOD or to declare any error, its just Freeze.
But if its not loaded, DT Pro works correctly.
Also, if the Agent is loaded before the freeze, the game start a bit slow than usual.

- IF Alcohol is installed, the system hang up randomly too
Maybe a Driver conflict between them ? I don't know but now Alcohol is removed and i have no more problem.

I've clean all my registry with Regseeker(best program to do that).

My system is :
Mothercard Abit KN9S with Nforce 550 for AMD
AMD64 X2 5000 Mhz
2 Go DDR2-667 Mhz(PC 5400) Dual Channel 128 Bits
SATA 1 Hard Drive Western Digital Raptor
Plextor Premium PX-760A with latest firmware updated
Windows XP PRO SP2 with latest updates
Video Card : Nvidia Geforce 8600 GTS
Sound Card : Creative X-Fi Platinium

02.08.2007, 15:42
Sounds like something more serious is going on with your system. I have Alcohol and DTools Pro both installed on my computer without any problems. And as for the agent, I'm sure if there was a problem with that, we'd see tons of posts about it. I'd do a scan for viruses with an online scanner. I'd also check for spyware on your computer with Ad-Aware SE and Spybot S&D. There will be WhenU from DTools, but I think that might be required for DT Pro to operate (I could be wrong). I know it's optional for DTools standard, but not sure about Pro. However, you should definitely remove anything else you find.

04.08.2007, 02:02
My system is new, its a fresh formatted system and i have encountered No viruses neither Spywares.
I've scanned with Kaspersky 7 with latest updates, With Comodo Antivirus and many online tools but NONE has been found excepted WhenU Save of course and its required for DT Pro to work otherwise it doesn't(i've tried)

I'm surfing with Firefox with Addon No-Script to avoid malwares from website.

My Windows XP PRO SP2 is up to date.

I've got one more crash since a test :
When i add many virtual Drives(more than one), then the system randomly do a BSOD with SPTD.SYS.
I've tried to update SPTD.SYS to a Beta version just for testing but this doesn't solve anything.
I've uninstalled DT Pro completely, then reinstalled it, created more than one Virtual Drive and this happen again.
To figure out if its a problem of DT Pro, i've tested on Windows failure mode, then when i opened Explorer, its doing a crash with dtpro, there i've understood where does my freeze come.

So i've removed all virtual drives excepted one, because as long as i keep one Virtual drive it works.

I don't understand because i was using DT classical and i never encountered such problems, its only with DT PRO.
DT PRO crashed also with my old system, not the older version...

Finally, after seeing all of this i made the final test : To use DT Pro without any security software to be sure that DT Pro is alone, unfortunately the freeze still remain.

Now you know all :)
But i need DT Pro because it read so good my CDs and i'm able to play with a perfect image of my games that i bought protected by Securom.
I was glad to discover DT Pro because i've bought many times my games because the originals CDs are not strong enough, they break sometimes while i'm playing.

Maybe DT Pro can read so good because i've got a Plextor Premium PX-760A i don't know :) Doesn't matter as long as it works =)
I would be happy to not freeze T_T

05.08.2007, 23:08
Anyone can tell me if Deamon Tools Pro can be in Conflict with PowerISO ? Because Power ISO got also a small Virtual Drive...
By testing, i've removed PowerISO and installed WinISO instead which doesn't have Virtual Drive.