View Full Version : does DT4091x86 work fine with vista home premium?

02.08.2007, 14:03
i've vista home premium, i m unable to run DT. it says this is not a valid win32 file. i tried to run it using SPDTv150 but everytime it asks to reboot the system. what to do?

02.08.2007, 14:31
If you have a x64 edition of Vista Home Premium, you need to download the x64 version of DT 4.09.1.

02.08.2007, 15:47
If you're not running the x64 version, try redownloading, but make sure you don't use any download accelerators. Though even if you were running the x64 version of Windows, it would still work. The only reason I could see it not working is if the download was corrupted (see my first sentence), or if you were running the x86 version of Vista (32-bit) and downloaded the x64 version of DTools.

04.08.2007, 07:48
thanks Jito, i redownloaded it and it works now.