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07.12.2002, 13:28
Gcw says it has securom. it also has defective sectors at the beginning till 6 % of the disc and at the end (95%) again.
Alcohol could not read out the DPM data.
The CloneCD image is not playable without a crack.
Is anybody out there with a perfect image of this game?

07.12.2002, 13:39
Did you use Alcohol 120% 1.3.5 build #1125?

07.12.2002, 13:59
Soldiers Of Anarchy: SecuROM v4.83.55.0008

Shouldn't have defective sectors except the last one at 99% - confuses me a bit... the new SecuROMs are not supposed to have defective sectors anymore... :?:
Many CD-RW drives cannot do DPM yet, that might be the problem... what CD-RW drive are you using? And what additional CD/DVD drives do you have?


07.12.2002, 15:35
@ copytrooper yes ur right.

@sergai it has defect sectors at the beginning and at the end.
gothic 2 cd3 needed dpm too and it worked with my Liteon DVD LTD163D.
I also tried to use my acer burner to read the soa disc with same results. defective sectors at the beginning an the end.

07.12.2002, 16:01
To clear this thing ONCE AND FOR ALL - Securom never ever used defect sectors!! Never! Not even in the latest versions! What they do is use one 'tricky' sector (in most cases at the end of CD);
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e.g. they place a Mode 2/XA Sector on a Mode 1-CD. Seems a lot of CDROMs cannot read it or give back an error. But normally it should be read flawless - I never got any errors on Securom CDs (Toshiba SD-M 1502, SD-M 1612 and TEAC CDR532S)!

07.12.2002, 18:49
but why does my soa disc have those ?
iґll try it again in my other computer ok ?

swenske i can give u my alcohol & cloncd logs if u want.

update i tried the disc in my 2nd computer with an lg8483B defect blocks/sectors @ 3000

the same for the samsung SD-608.

08.12.2002, 00:53
First, no Securom-Portected Game is knowned to have defective sectors, like SwENSkE already mentioned

Several users reported to me to have defective sectors between 3000-2xxxx.

This Game is MAYBE the first (and only) game with defective sectors and Securom-Protection - maybe custom-made.

I receive the Game tomorrow to investigate this. Check in here tomorrow, maybe we then know more :mrgreen:

08.12.2002, 01:17
Read EXACTLY what I posted - some CD-/DVD-ROMs cannot read these tricky sectors and report them as bad.

What Sergei-Gradski reports IS that tricky sector. As you have also a bad sector at 6% your CD is probably broken. Try cleaning it with a soft piece of cloth. Always clean from INSIDE (where the hole is) to OUTSIDE. NEVER in circles!!!!!!!! Maybe this will help.

09.12.2002, 16:15
do youґve got the game right now?
and can you tell me if u encountered the same problems as me ?

09.12.2002, 17:54
I receive it in ~2 hours. So stay tuned :mrgreen:

09.12.2002, 18:07
juhu :)

09.12.2002, 19:20
I can confirm the appearance of defective sectors in the above mentioned area. Seems like this protection is custom-made. Fuxxx is RIGHT!

@Sergeij.Gradski: Did you read the CD for yourself? And NO error is reported @3000-xxxxx?? I doubt it. Which Version of the game? The German Version IS protected with (at least) additional readerrors.

I will investigate the protection deeper tonight and report here.

09.12.2002, 21:30
have the german version too.

09.12.2002, 21:50
LocutusofBorg wrote:
> @Sergeij.Gradski: Did you read the CD for yourself? And NO error is
> reported @3000-xxxxx?? I doubt it. Which Version of the game? The
> German Version IS protected with (at least) additional readerrors.
No, I did not read the game myself, I just stated what I considered "common knowledge" about SecuROM - that normally it does not have any errors on the disc except for the possible one at the end of the disc.

If I had read the CD myself, I would (as always) have explicitly stated.
The version # of SecuROM was taken from the Games' Copy Protections thread.

Hope I didn't raise too much confusion... :)


09.12.2002, 22:19
Hope I didn't raise too much confusion... :)
No, of course not. Don't worry about.

This is the first time this behaviour occurs on SecuromProtected Game, I already reported it back to Martin and Andrew.

Check in here for time to time, I keep you informed

11.12.2002, 12:16
did u get a working copy ?

11.12.2002, 20:18
The Alcohol-Team is aware of this "new" protection-behaviour. The only thing I maybe can do is to generate a working "handmade" mds-file and offer it, but this isn't easy as I'm very busy atm. I send you mail in case I find the time to do this task :mrgreen: but don't count on it....