View Full Version : DT says I'm not the admin

03.08.2007, 12:48
I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium through Apple Boot Camp.

I've installed DT's last version but when I try to open the program it says: "Please use local administrator account to run DAEMON tools for the first time!"

I'm the only user and, logically, an administrator. How can I access the program?

Any help will be appreciated.

03.08.2007, 13:27
Deactivate UAC that can be found at the system panel.

03.08.2007, 14:02
Or right-click on the shortcut for DTools and select "Run as administrator".

03.08.2007, 14:14
Yeah, that works! Thank you very much!

PD: Sorry, I'm a Mac user, new at Vista...

04.08.2007, 11:19
No problem for us. Whenever problems occur, just ask us ;)