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14.12.2003, 14:20
I apologise first incase this is an old subject.

It seems I keep hitting this stumbling block lately... with no way to burn a working 'MAC' backup from a .toast or .dmg file on a PC...
Its not for lack of searching for a solution and trying image reading apps WinISO, WinRAR, UltraISO etc and renaming the mac files with PC extensions... all to no avail....

so, is there any plan for any MAC format support in Daemon-Tools ?

Mainly so I can mount and then read off to .iso or .bin & .cue etc

many thanks for listening :)


14.12.2003, 14:50
Since dtools is solely windows based, it is unlikely that a mac image format would be supported. However, you can make iso's in mac that contain uhs/other mac file system and mount them. You might also want to look at isobuster, as it might be able to open your file.

14.12.2003, 14:59
ahh, I forgot all about ISOBUSTER... I'll go try... thanks :)

I'll have to buy a MAC sooner or later... probably later (too much money!)

14.12.2003, 15:18
your a star... looks like IsoBuster will (hopefully it is!! right now!!) extracting to bin/cue :) i'll mount and inspect with MACdrive or wahtever then :)


14.12.2003, 15:20
Mmm, well... it just botched near the end of extracting :(

27.10.2004, 16:58
Now this hasnt been active for some time now, but I figured I would throw this in for future references.

There is a program called dmg2iso which converts dmg images to usable isos that windows can read, and allows you to burn or mount with daemon tools. I have have tested it on mac osx images and it works. This program can be found here http://vu1tur.eu.org/tools/.

As for toast, I cant really be of help, except that I have always renamed them to iso and they worked.. Hope this is helpful to you.

29.03.2006, 16:02
which one must i download to convert .dmg to .iso?

perl script / win32 binary / source code / license note

GreetZ DePeer

19.04.2006, 08:59
If you are using XP 32 bit then get the 32bit binary

22.05.2006, 04:38
which one must i download to convert .dmg to .iso?

perl script / win32 binary / source code / license note

GreetZ DePeer

Just download magiciso. you can use it to convert dmg to iso image.

15.04.2012, 20:16
If you have access to a Linux box or Linux virtual machine then use dmg2img from the command prompt. Easy!:kiwi-fruit:

15.04.2012, 20:20
Simply rename the file. filename.img -> filename.iso