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14.12.2003, 15:33
I've used only ISOs and BINs as images, and copy protection's always worked for me. so I'm puzzled by a previous thread in which it is stated that bin's don't support modern copy protection. Did I read it wrong?

My suggestion is to add .bin as a file type for laoding. FOr some reason only .cue is included, and I've had to choose All File Types to see and pick .bin. However, I've never used .cue files with games like FIFA.

14.12.2003, 15:40
cue-sheets are usually created with the related bin-file, so most ppl lacking the cue-sheet just have downloaded the bin-file somewhere, and we do NOT support such illegal activities! Moreover cue-sheets are needed for track representation, like ccd is for CloneCD images, mds for Alcohol ...

15.12.2003, 13:59
I just create bin/cues but the thing is I always delete the cue files. As for pirates I've seen them always include cue files - and I wonder why they bother. I guess I understand the technical reasons (as I understand it CD cues are basically the same besides the file name so anyone can recreate them). But is there a way for users like me to "hack" the software (eg with registery keys) so that I use bins instead of cues?

15.12.2003, 14:09
You should NOT delete the cue-sheets, 'cause they are needed for track representation! The images will NOT work with more than one track! So don't "hack" Daemon Tools (won't work anyway);
and don't delete the cue-sheets!

31.01.2004, 20:36
um can i please request you add the .bin file to the "All image file types" setting plz? I don't need to use a cue file for almost all the programs/games i've backed up, because they don't have subchannel data, and they don't use more than 1 audio track, which starts at 00.00.00

thx :)

02.02.2004, 17:13
No. we won't do this. If you bother to delete cue files then better rename bin to iso if you are sure it has 1 track only and your problem is solved.

07.04.2004, 14:05
you can simply select "All Files" and select the BIN.. works for me everytime ;)