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08.08.2007, 08:13

Long time user of DAEMON, always worked wonderfully, however, recently I had to do a repair install (well, it was a mistake, but w/e), and my XP disc is rather old so all updates and everything got reset to just after SP1 came out. I re-updated everything to latest, but it seemed to be causing problems, as I would get random lock-ups and would be forced to reboot. After a while I un-installed DAEMON, and suddenly it stopped freezing, to test this theory, I re-installed DAEMON, and the freezing started happening again. So now I'm wondering how to fix this, so any help on that would be great. DAEMON is currently uninstalled.

Thanks in advance

08.08.2007, 21:23
Which dt version (4.09 or Pro 4.10)? Which SPTD version?

08.08.2007, 22:17
DT: 4.09

SPTD: No clue =\

08.08.2007, 23:13
Install SPTD 1.50 (www.duplexsecure.com) and then DT and look if these error still exist.

19.08.2007, 08:13
My bad for the late reply, I had v1.43 of SPTD, installed latest, haven't tested DAEMON with it yet though