View Full Version : My DVD-ROM's are missing, please help!!

09.08.2007, 03:34
Hello Everyone.

My computer specs are: (Running on Windows Vista Home) 2200+ 1.91GHz, 2.50GB of RAM, MSI NX6600GT 128 AGP, x2 250GB Hard Drives, X-FI Fata1lty Xtreame Gamer, Sony DVD-ROM-CD-RW (combo), Lite-ON DVD-RW Burner.

Now.. My DVD ROMS arent working for some reason, I did read one of the topics in one of the other forums about something like this but it didnt work or helped. ( image of what I'm talking about ) --> http://s11.photobucket.com/albums/a199/xXClanD-DBZ30Xx/?action=view&current=dvd-roms.jpg

when I installed Daemon Tools it did this before on my other hard drive (my windows xp drive) and I had to restore my computer, well I tried it on vista and its still doing the samething. so I'm not sure what to do..

can anyone help me please?

13.08.2007, 22:39
I have the exact same problem. Someone please help. I need this laptop for school starting soon.