View Full Version : Unreal 2 XMP Full Version Fails CD check

15.12.2003, 00:22
Hi, I made images of both the install and play cd's with alcohol 120% then mounted them and installed the game. It plays correctly. but won't let me install the new U2XMP. Any suggestions? Also, does anyone no where the U2 cd path is kept in U2? Thanks. I can't figure out any way to install to my server (no physical access). :evil:

15.12.2003, 23:46
Hi - The XMP instalation seems to detect copies or copy technology - I could only get mine installed with Daemon tools disabled, and the original CD in the drive. Try disabling your daemon tools or Alcohol emulation driver and see how that goes.

I don't believe U2 has a CD path - it seems to work whichever drive (real or virtual) I use.


16.12.2003, 00:13
Thanks, yes, that looks to be the case. However, I have no physical access to my server, so I need to install it remotely. I was hoping to use mounted images, as this allows the original game to install and be played, but as you pointed out, the XMP installer won't let you install from a virtual drive. Blacklisted?

Any other suggestions? :roll:

16.12.2003, 09:24
Yes - wait for next Daemon Tools version coming soon - it'll fix the issue :mrgreen:

22.12.2003, 01:22
Thanks Coppytrooper, I will give the latest version a try. BTW, I love this application and always use it for DVD playing. Thanks again.