View Full Version : FEAR 1.08 UK Patch and YASU 1.3.7070

10.08.2007, 19:21
YASU is blacklisted with the newest patch for FEAR, but for the UK edition. The multiplayer runs nice, but the singleplayer detects emulation software.

10.08.2007, 19:58
Could you provide exe for copy protection scanning and we could tell you if it is blacklisted or something else which causes this message.

11.08.2007, 09:30
If you are talking about this patch ftp://ftp.sierra.com/pub/sierra/fear/updates/fear_update_engb_100-107_108.exe (engb in the name meaning UK edition) then it's certainly not a blacklist of YASU because it works with no problem for me. Maybe your image is bad.

14.08.2007, 04:43
It could be, because I used a mini-image but turned the game into german, and used Maxi image, but it takes too much space, 4,79GB. Well, now I use a crack. Thanks for the help, guys.

14.08.2007, 15:09
Why does no one read the rules?

Discussion of cracks is not allowed here!

15.08.2007, 02:30
Sorry. Never speak about cracks again, OSX, do you hear, never! :)

15.08.2007, 14:50
... and used Maxi image, but it takes too much space, 4,79GB.Maxi Images are intended to be compressed with Windows compression (only possible on NTFS formated partitions) which makes them as small as Mini Images + 20kb for the ISO check sectors.

17.08.2007, 14:41
holy crap, i never thought to try that... thx for mentioning that terramex! gg