View Full Version : Using Daemon Tools without physical CDs

13.08.2007, 04:04
Is it possible? Using Daemon Tools to run things without the physical CDs... I'm trying to run a game my son loves called Mark of Chaos, but he unfortunately ran over the play CD with his chair, and the other one I own is scratched(I bought it twice)... However, the full game itself is still on my computer, only whenever he tries to start it up it tells him to insert the CD. As far as I know, the "please insert CD" thing is only a security feature.. is there any way to bypass this with Daemon Tools, or perhaps some other program?

Help would be much appreciated, as I live in Brasil and it is expensive to import anything from America here, and I am not buying it a third time.


13.08.2007, 06:31
I am afraid this is not possible, at least not legally. Daemon Tools' scope is to allow you not to insert physical CDs by using images of those CDs instead. To get said image, you need to create it using a program such as Daemon Tools Pro, but you also need your original disc for this.

Please do not ask about other ways to obtain an image, this is illegal and against the site rules.