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07.12.2002, 16:31
hats off to a great program. i manage the MSDN subscription library at my company and its so much easier to image the MSDN cd's onto a large HD on a central server, and utilize Daemon tools to mount and install from an image.

Recently though, i've been working at one of our branch offices and realized that the NTFS compression being employed on the HD with the images gets decompressed BEFORE going over the wire... making a 400MB image go slow :?

i was thinking that maybe Daemon tools could utilize a "compression wrapper" for these ISO's, CDI's, etc. by utilizing an industry standard ZIP format or (even better and tighter, the RAR format). You could simply add a "X" to the end of the file's extension to denote compressed, like "MSDN 1033 COMMERCE SERVER 2002.ISOX"

any thoughts to the developers?

Again, hats off to a fantastic program.!!!

If you would like to discuss it further, contact me via chat... I'm a developer using .net framework and I did a proof of concept using the XCeed compression library that can apply compression to any stream. There's got to be a similar stream based compression available in the programming language that you guys wrote the Daemon tools in...

07.12.2002, 22:46
But how could you add this to d-tools? It would have to be compression on the image. I don't think venom has any plans on making a comrpessed image format, as this doesn't really relate to d-tools... I could be wrong though, have to see what venom says :wink:

07.12.2002, 23:22
This function has nothing to do with Daemon Tools. It's not Daemon-Job to compress the image. As long as no Imagecreator / Copyprogram as Alcohol, Blindwritesuite, CloneCD or Nero or any image-creating program offers such a function, this function is not supported by Daemon Tools and maybe never will be supported

Such a feature should be discussed with the authors of f.e. the above mentioned programs :!:

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