View Full Version : Is it legal?????

16.12.2003, 16:37
Is it legal for me to make images of MY games and put themon a virtual drive??????

16.12.2003, 16:39
Most countries allow personal backups, but I'm no legal expert :mrgreen:

18.12.2003, 12:52
So long as you own the original and the image is made without modifying the program and used for genuine back-up purposes, yes it's legal in most countries.

(Note: Can't say all because whilst I might be regarded as a legal expert insofar as my own country is concerned, at least by some kind people :wink: :lol: , no-one can be familiar with the laws of every country. :) )

18.12.2003, 15:12
@ philamber
I was under the impression that Aussie laws had changed recently allowing backups only if the title specific EULA said so.
No longer a general 'Yes a 1:1 is permitted'
I could be wrong though :)


18.12.2003, 20:26
G'day Kitna.

There have been some recent changes to the Copyright Act 1968 (Oz) but, for practical purposes, it's still ok to copy a computer program that you "own" (i.e. have an original licence for) for back-up purposes so long as you don't modify the program in making the copy.

Note though that back-up exception does not apply to audio or movies and recent amendments have made that expressly clear.


18.12.2003, 22:52
Well... this SHOULD BE LEGAL :!:

Have you EVER tried to get a replacement CD from a game distributor after you scratched your game CD beyond repair?

It's about as easy as trying to save for a house deposit, in Sydney. Almost freaking impossible!! :evil:

Daemon-Tools is a god send for gamers like myself, who like to keep their game CD's safe and sound. I recon companies like Sony ( who bought you the blight on the world, that is SecuRom 5.0 :x ) should get down from their ivory tower and start showing some support for programs like this, which helps the consumer protect their gaming purchases.

19.12.2003, 12:01
Thanks for the reply philamber :)