View Full Version : To Moderator - pls delete/ignore my previous post ("Why use Daemon Tools?")

20.08.2007, 20:20
I hadn't yet discovered that DT Pro makes images as well as mounts them, so I now can see that the other products are in competition with yours. In that light, my question seems inappropriate. I'm grateful for the years I've used DT for free, so now I'm going to pay for the privilege and keep using the tool that has always worked for me before. To the developers: thanks for the wonderful software.

21.08.2007, 16:23
Just an advice for your next angry moments: calm down, think about your thoughts and take a breath bfore making the community to be pissed off.

21.08.2007, 17:09
It really wasn't a rant. It was just a simple question about the relative advantages of different software. But, after learning that DT had actually chosen to compete with the other software, I decided it was inappropriate to ask DT's users to compare a competitor's product to DT on their own forum. As you can see, the original never got posted anyway, and I'm kind of surprised the moderator even posted this one. It was intended, as the title suggests, merely as a message to the moderator.

Anyway, no disrespect was ever intended. Indeed, my request not to post the original actually came out of great respect for DT, as I hope this clarification will show.

21.08.2007, 23:30
Well, you are honest. We like that. Please stay at this community.

And sorry, I'm german customer forum punished ;) I didn't mean that you're aggressive.

Well, I recognized that I meant the false thread. Sorry for my more or less angry post.

We're just humans.

22.08.2007, 18:41
No problem. And I didn't think you were angry, just misunderstanding. I also wanted to be clear for the DT folks themselves, in case any were reading this and having the same misunderstanding. I love DaemonTools!

Uebrigens, wohnte Ich in Deutschland (Augsburg) fuer zwie Jahre wenn Ich war in der Armee. Wie sie in Schwabe sagen, gruess Gott!

And forgive my English-only keyboard and rusty German. :-)

22.08.2007, 19:16
I hope you enjoyed this country and didn't forget to eat some Sauerkraut ;)