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21.08.2007, 03:59
I have posted at a few forums about the new version and they all said thanks for the heads up...
Nobody wants to pay and they for sure don't want a ad version...

21.08.2007, 08:21
so what? The customer's forum seems to be full of nobodies then...

21.08.2007, 12:34
No one has to pay for private home use, and no one has to install adware, but if some ppl are still running around without this knowledge, seriously, we don't care.

21.08.2007, 13:21
I have posted at a few forums about the new version and they all said thanks for the heads up...
Nobody wants to pay and they for sure don't want a ad version...
Nobody needs such comments.

Sir Camehan
21.08.2007, 13:26
Nobody needs such comments.

Indeed, all it is, is just FUD.

Its been the same ever since the adware was first introduced, so I got no idea how it can get blown out of proportion, just because of a name change...:rolleyes: . All that changed is the name, everything else has been the same ever since DT Pro was released a while back, and even before then. :rolleyes:

21.08.2007, 15:27
Then what is this
Is it bogus...
Found it in another thread....


says it is pay for and has WhenU's advertising software in it...

21.08.2007, 19:17
Disc-soft is the "pay-site" for our customers.
Why do you "run away"? ;) Free version is - as always - available in our download section on this site right here:
And the fact that the adware is optional should be well known since release of v4.00.

21.08.2007, 21:54

Your site is very cognitive. I think you will have good future.:)


22.08.2007, 00:29
Damn, I'm nobody, cause I've paid for a license :mad:


22.08.2007, 00:35
Well, why are you so damn angry?

There ARE people buying DTPro because it's one of the best programs atm.

And please read AND think before posting some kind of shit.

Thanks a lot.

And when you're afraid of any costs, please ask friendly. If you ain't want that, leave. We don't want to get pissed.

22.08.2007, 06:55
Reef was just joking. Notice the :D underneath his post?

22.08.2007, 07:22
Reef was just joking. Notice the :D underneath his post?

I didn't meen Reef that little kid starting this thread.

22.08.2007, 23:24
Ah, gotcha. I assumed since you didn't reference the OP, you were responding to Reef's post. :)

27.08.2007, 21:44
well, as I'm working for the support-department with access to
customer forum I can tell you that the customerforum lately
seems to be really growing explosively.... success story clearly
everyone will confirming to you who can read/write to that forum

What I didnt get: you directly first
* spreading wrong informations to other boards,
* try to harm this site and then AFTERWARDS coming back and
asking for information (if that was a question at all)??
is that a common behaviour in your place? Strange society if thats true..

my small cents are that DT company should stop public support
indeed this would get rid of such nasty users once and for all...
and only take care for their customers who paid and deserving
all the attention from DT Soft

29.08.2007, 17:00
But as this forum stands for the freedom of speech and that bastard didn't use square words, you can't delete this thread.

He just said that, in his opinion, much users won't feel motivated to buy any DTPro version or use the adware integrated one.

Well, I also hate reading this crap, but you cannot stop this.

WE know the truth that there are much people out there respecting DT's need and supporting it buying any version.

Shutting down public support wouldn't help or have any useful effect. We should keep the quality of support now, but we should NOT extend it.

My thoughts.