View Full Version : Using Daemon w/o the driver

21.08.2007, 20:21

I didn't find the answer to my question by using the search function. So please, allow me to start a new thread.

I'm looking for an image installer not requiring the installation procedure at all.
I need this namely for presenting my photos.
I wish namely to present my photo collections
by carrying them on hdd in form of iso/nrg image.

So while presenting them on friends machines it would be optimal to have always an image mounter kept together with
image file and not requiring the installation.
I tend to solution not requiring the installation of any soft on foreign PCs without explicit requirement.

Does Daemon Tools support it ?
If not, maybe you know so image mounter ?

10.04.2008, 19:34
Unofficial install methods are not recommended and we don't talk about that on this forum.

11.04.2008, 05:49
can't be done anyway... dt uses drivers, drivers need installed, and system rebooted etc...
magiciso / other iso editing programs might work (as they dont need drivers and just read direct from the iso file)...