View Full Version : Running DT on Vista, issues with administrator

26.08.2007, 09:47
So I successfully installed DT on my new laptop (with vista). I'm very new to vista although I consider myself a strong XP user. Anyways, when I go to open DT, it tells me that I have to run DT for the first time with a local administrator account. I assume that is the same thing as the "Administrator" class of vista user accounts. I have the only account on this comp and it is the administrator account. I have read that there is an issue with vista where it is difficult to access the actual administrator account, but I dont know where to begin. And I realize this is a bit "rambly" but try to make sense of it. Any help would be awesome!:D

26.08.2007, 10:45
Disable UAC or right click on DT.exe and choose run as admin.