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28.08.2007, 08:58
Hello. I have Vistas on one computer. I installed the latest version of Daemon Tools, and attempted to mount an .mds file, and unfortunately nothing happened, no setup screen popped up and there was no virtual drive in the My Computer screen. Dismayed I then attempted it on the other computer, where a virtual drive pops up in the My Computer screen and I am able to run a setup without any problem. Does anyone know why this is? I'm thinking there must be some setting that I need to change on one of the computers that I am not aware of. I have tried all versions of Daemon Tools compatible with Vistas, but have no idea at all why 1 CD functions differently on the same operating system with the same version of DT. Any help is greatly appreciated.

28.08.2007, 19:19
forgot to mention that I have Vistas on both of the computers, in case that wasn't clear.

28.08.2007, 19:26
Check thread about missing drive letters and disappearing drives in common problems and solutions forum.