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07.12.2002, 21:20
I've tried 6 or so packages, and either I've missed features that exist in them, or nothing that I've tried matches my needs.

Here is the task I am trying to accomplish:

I own a couple video games that allow you to play your own CD's rather than the maker's own music. I have several .mp3's that I'd like to play while gaming.

What I do NOT have is a CD-burner (I use a laptop).

What I'd like to do is take the .mp3's, create some sort of file (probably .ISO, but not necessarily) that daemon tools can use, and use the simulated music CD for my video game.

All the tools I've tried (thank god for trial periods... I would have wasted sooo much money on software that was completely worthless for my purposes) EITHER allow you to input .MP3's, OR allow you to 'burn' a music CD .ISO... but nothing allows both!

I thought maybe I could burn directly to the simulated drive, but I haven't been able to do that either... is that possible?

Please help if you can. I'm a do-it-yourselfer, all you really need to do is spit out a product name and I will go figure it out myself. I've been trying to crack this nut off and on for a week now.

07.12.2002, 22:33
I know nero can do this. Just create an audio cd, import mp3s, and burn. Select image writer as burner, as save as .iso.

07.12.2002, 22:36
Thank you! I will go investigate now.

08.12.2002, 02:49
Still not working. I think I have a grasp on what the problem is, but I don't know what to do about it.

Nero will let me burn either .nrg (nero image) files or .iso files. If I pick a format (audioCD, mixed mode, etc) that inclues music tracks, then .iso becomes unavailable.

Apparantly, unless I am totally mistaken, .iso format is only for CD-ROMs, and not audio CD's in any way, shape or form. I did try writing a .nrg and renaming it to .iso, on the off chance that the 2 were compatable. No dice.

I assume that Daemon Tools must be able to play images that contain sound tracks, else it would not be able to support games that have CD-tracks for their music (not a lot, but some do. The tomb raider games come to mind).

But .iso, unless I'm missing something, is not the format I should be using for this job... perhaps .iso does not support sound tracks at all.

So, to solve this issue:

1. Can an .iso have sound tracks on it? If so, how do I coax Nero to spit one out?

2. If not, what format should I be using, and what program or method to geenrate that format should I be using?

3. Is the whole premise of my search invalid, Daemon Tools being totally unable to simulate a CD with music tracks on it?

I didn't think the problem would be this difficult... Answers anyone?

08.12.2002, 10:11
maybe, if everything else fails, you could do the following:

Mount the .nrg-image with Daemon-Tools
Use any iso-creating-capable program to create an .iso off of that "CD"
Throw away the .nrg and use the .iso

Some time ago, I saw an MP3 file together with a .cue-sheet, which could be mounted as a normal CD (AFAIR). That would probably help you save much HDD-space if you could use that... But it's just an rough idea, I unfortunately don't remember any more details...
Maybe somebody else does...


08.12.2002, 23:02
Just remember to install ImageDrive with Nero, otherwise you can't use .nrg with d-tools!