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17.12.2003, 23:11

I'm new to the forum, but I', using daemon tools for some years now. I used to make my cd images with clone cd but since it's now longer supported/developed I tried Alcohol120%.

I have already installed SW:KotoR and made an image with Alcohol but the game says something about "Confict with disc emulation software detected. Check www.securom.com/emulation ... bla bla"

Does anyone have any expirience with making/running images of this game???

I'm not expirienced with Alcohol so it might be I did something wrong. Any hints are welcome.


17.12.2003, 23:18
The latest version of Securom has emulators such as Daemon Tools blacklisted. This should be fixed in the next update of Daemon Tools ;)

18.12.2003, 07:33
Thanks, nice to hear that. Well, I hope it's fixed that easy...

19.12.2003, 18:24
KotOR works great now with the new DT :)
But I had to make a new image first with Alcohol, setting DPM at 1x. My previous image with DPM at max speed refused to work (and RMPS emulation is still detected).
I now wonder what Securom's answer will be for the renamable driver names :twisted:

23.12.2003, 20:14
Wow! It works, at least I can play with the image instead of the cd now.

Thanks and merry Xmas to you all!!!

24.12.2003, 12:55
this still doesn't work for me, do i have to select the securom option in daemon tools before loading the image?

24.12.2003, 13:02
You do NOT need any emulation from image, what is needed is an appropriate image, i.e. with DPM data (e.g. Alcohol or Blindwrite image).
The RMPS blacklist will be fixed with upcoming Daemon Tools version.

29.05.2006, 19:20
can someone please explain how i get this to work? how do i make a new image with dpm settings etc?

30.05.2006, 10:45
You need a program like Alcohol 120% (http://www.alcohol-soft.com/).
Start Alcohol, insert your original disc, select Image making wizard, select appropriate Datatype ( Copy Protection ) and start. DPM will be activated if needed.
If you don't know which protection a game / program has, use a copy-protection scanner like Aray-Scanner ( Google for it ) or Protection ID (http://pid.gamecopyworld.com/).