View Full Version : Daemon Tools Uninstalled but Still in Registry

18.12.2003, 05:09
Operating System: Win XP
Burning Software: whatever comes integral to Win XP, thats it
Anti-virus Software: Symantec, removed from startup and disabled in msconfig
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.23 & 3.41

I recently upgraded to the new Neverwinter Nights 1.61 patch.

Upon installing it I could no longer run the game at all, as I had Daemon Tools installed.

Initially I had Daemon Tools version 3.23 installed on my system. Once or twice my system rebooted, and Daemon Tools was not configured to run at startup. When my system would reboot however, I still found that I had access to the virtuatl CD rom. It didn't harm anything, so I wasn't too concerned.

Recently wanting to play a game again, I installed version 3.41 after deleting out the old version.

Now after last nights patch, I made sure all the options were turned off, disabled it, uninstalled it, washed and repeat, and cannot get Neverwinter to comply with my machine. With or without Daemon tools installed it is telling me that I still have it on my machine, and refuses to allow me to play the game.

I have reviewed all the threads in the above forum about common errors and referenced that, as well as the manual uninstall procedures. I suspect that somewhere in my registry there is something remaining from Daemon Tools.

How can I check/verify what keys may or may not be in place?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue?

18.12.2003, 05:11
Verify that C:\windows\system32\drivers\st3*.sys and pnp*.sys are removed.

18.12.2003, 05:16
Under Do you mean under c:\Winnt?

And the asterisks I assume are a wildcard that references any file after the initial letters correct?

I ask as I've navigated to the system32 driver folder under Winnt and found two files that both match those parameters if I am correct in understanding you.

Should I delete them and restart?

18.12.2003, 05:37
They should be called something like st3shark.sys and pnpshark.sys and under C:\winnt\system32\drivers.

You can also check device manager, and remove st3shark scsi controller and pnp bios extension (from system devices).

18.12.2003, 05:43
Ok both those files are gone from the selected path. Those were the exact ones I yanked. After reboot and checking, none of those three items appear in system devices. I'll give it a shot from here and see how it goes. If it doesn't work, I'll be back.

Thanks :)

18.12.2003, 06:37
Alright, I just tried it and it didn't fix the problem.

The other thing that I noticed, is that when I was using the CD from my CDRW, that it would cause my CDRW to be inaccessible and I could not get access to the tray, but would still read the CD. This ONLY happens when running NWN from the 1.61 with the "lovely" securom utilities.

Any other CD or app runs ok.

When I put the CD rom in the DVD player, it doesn't happen at all. I just get the securom error and thats it.