View Full Version : problem reading backup madden 2003 iso

07.12.2002, 21:22
i just made a backup of my madden 2003 disc, and the iso works fine except it doesnt read the sounddat file or the speechdat file. what could be the problem?

07.12.2002, 22:24
1) Can you describe the error more detailed? f.e. is there a error-message appearing?

2) Did you INSTALL the Game from the Image or from the Original-Disc? This can make a big difference!

07.12.2002, 22:43
well the original disc of course works fine, but the image fails to read two files. in the installation, it just quits when it reaches a certain file.

there's 2 files that it wont read. sounddat.dat and speechdat.dat.
i was wondering if theres some kind of protection thats messing up the read or if the image is just corrupted.
the thing that makes me wonder is that i've had other images that i made do something very similar, some work fine but others just fail to read certain files.
is this a protection feature that im not setting DT up for properly or what?

07.12.2002, 23:08
Well, Madden 2003 is protected with SafeDisk V2.7 -> you can find the exact number in the Copy Protections Forum

Which Version?? Look inside! (http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=191)

Daemon Tools can handle this protection without problems (as most common protections) - so I guess the image you created is bad. What program was used to create the image? use f.e. Alcohol120% or Blindread(write) or CloneCD. All the mentioned programs (and lot more) are able to create a good image from protected cd's.

reply here which program was used

07.12.2002, 23:26
sorry i didnt tell you the program that was stupid...i used clonecd

the main thing i was wondering was if the copy protection was what makes the certain areas unreadable. im a total newbie to the whole image thing. i would think tho that the copy protection would make the whole thing unreadable, not just make 2 files unreadable.

07.12.2002, 23:37
The two files which are unreadable have nothing to do with the copyprotection. I asked because in your message you mentioned ISO-files not CCD-files, and iso-creating programs causes much trouble (not in every case) if disc is protected. And the whole problem isn't protection-related. What options did you activate in CloneCD, which version was used (f.e. You can also try out Alcohol 120% to create an image (use SafeDisk2 Profile) and mount it into Daemon Tools.

Also try different Drives and/or Read-Speed!! Check your Errorlogs!
BTW: What errors did you get in the CloneCD ErrorLog??
There should be no errors below sector 800 and non above 11000.

08.12.2002, 01:20
I suspect simply a BAD image - create it again. Try Alcohol 120% or ******** 2. Especially GJ 2 is very good for beginners and as powerful as Alcohol. And both beat CloneCD ;).
You can find the links to both programs on our main page under 'Downloads'.