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05.09.2007, 04:25
I'm having problems at the installation of Daemon Tools at mine OS (which is a Win Vista 32bits Home Premium). I downloaded the Daemon and then, installed. Then it said that I would have to reboot my computer to confirm something that he asked me to (I think that to turn something off). Itself have rebooted my computer, but when restarted, the Daemon thought that I did not have rebooted my computer. I restarted it again, and the Daemon continued to think that I wanted to reboot my computer. The problem is: it have not installed nothing in my computer (like folders), so I can't uninstall the Daemon, because it didn't install nothing in my computer! But, I don't have idea how, the Daemon continue to think that I have not rebooted my computer. My dad said that it might be happening because I haven't said to the application to be opened with administrator, but as a simple User opening. All that I know is that I can't install Daemon Tools. I beg you all, help me! I would be more than glad if someone could do this favor to me! :)

10.09.2007, 18:08
There is another thread for this issue. You can have a look at that.


11.09.2007, 14:08
Here is the solutiojn http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?t=18207

14.09.2007, 13:46
found the post after i had posted